What are tower scaffolds used for?

Tower scaffolds are commonly used in the construction industry to enable workers to work in high, hard-to-reach areas where they cannot comfortably work without the extra height. They offer a platform to place equipment and comfortably move around while working.

Tower scaffolds are a better alternative to ladders as they offer more support and stability without needing someone to hold the tower for extra support. They are flexible, meaning they can be used for both inside and outside projects. The modular design tower scaffolds allow them to be adjusted depending on the working height.

vertical scaffold tower

5 Uses for mobile tower scaffolds

Mobile tower scaffolds are towers that can be moved around thanks to their mobility features. They are the best scaffold towers to go for if you have a small home renovation project, repaint job, or hedge trimming. 

Mobile tower scaffolds are better than ladders because they offer more stability and a wider working surface. They have rollers attached to their base, making them easy to move around if you’re alone or working in separate areas. Mobile tower scaffolds do not need to be placed against any structure and are stable independently. Here are different ways tower scaffolds are used.

1. General construction

Depending on the project you have underway, you can use tower scaffolds for your general construction needs. Tower scaffolds come in different heights, which you can adjust for easy reach when working at height.

2. Brick masonry

Tower scaffolds are also convenient for use during brick masonry. Apart from providing a secure and sturdy working platform, workers can also have an adequate surface to place all their equipment and materials needed. Therefore, there won’t be the need for any unnecessary trips up and down the tower.

3. Reaching inaccessible nooks

Depending on the type of project you have, tower scaffolds can come in handy when providing access to any inaccessible nooks and crannies. This is especially during simple repair jobs, loft conversions/extensions, or roofing jobs.

4. Cleaning windows

Tower scaffolds are suitable for providing easy access when cleaning windows for tall buildings. Considering they’re also mobile, you can easily move them from one point to another. Depending on how tall the building is, you can decide to use suspended scaffolds instead.

5. Painting jobs

If you want to paint a spot that you cannot access using a ladder, it’s advisable to use a tower scaffold for safe and easy access. However, you need to ensure that the scaffold is sturdy and stable to avoid any accidents.

Aluminium scaffold tower

Uses for static aluminium scaffolding

Aluminium scaffolding is best-known for its lightweight and ability to withstand a heavy load simultaneously. As the name suggests, static aluminium towers cannot be moved from place to place and do not need to be leaned on a structure for stability. This makes them the best option to be used for large construction projects where the scaffolding will be erected all around the construction site.

There are several ways you can use tower scaffolds, and this will depend on the nature of your project or your budget. To ensure that the integrity of your scaffold isn’t compromised, you should ensure that it’s erected and used by a competent person.