5 Reason when should you never use a scaffold tower

Although scaffold towers are meant to provide as much safety as possible when working at heights, it is important to note that there are instances when they may not be the safest possible option. When working at heights it is important to note that the scaffold tower is not a blanket assurance of your safety and you have to be extremely careful. There are some instances when it is advisable not to use a scaffold tower.

1. In strong winds

Tree in a windy weather
windy weather

Although they may be designed to withstand strong winds to some extent as this is usually factored into their construction, it is generally not advisable. In the event of strong winds, it is only advisable to use common sense and put the work on hold for some time. The potential risk involved is quite great as small rocks, grit and branches could hit you at a crucial moment.

2. Do not use it with incompatible components

A scaffold tower should always be put together using the correct parts. A scaffold tower with incompatible components is lethal. This is because the tower is at risk of falling at any moment and a fall from that height could result in some serious injuries. Anyone using the scaffold tower should always check to make sure that all the parts have been fitted correctly and are compatible with the rest of the parts.

3. When supporting access equipment

scaffolding tower

Using a scaffold tower as support for trestles, ladders, or any other kind of access equipment could be very dangerous. This is because the scaffold towers do not provide the adequate support that is required to keep the equipment standing. The scaffold towers are also mobile hence there is a chance of the tower actually moving possibly resulting in very serious injuries.

4. With broken or missing parts

A scaffold tower with any broken or missing parts is basically a recipe for a disaster. It is risky to have such a structure around a construction site not only for the workers but for anyone else who is close by. Any missing parts may cause the whole structure to collapse as it is basically made of several parts that have been put together. A proper scaffold tower should have all its parts intact and there shouldn’t be any that have any defects or that are missing.

5. Without guardrails

As a construction worker, using a scaffold tower without guardrails could mean some serious damage. This is due to the many risks that are involved when working at heights. Guardrails help to ensure that the worker is completely safe even in instances such as loss of balance while working on the platform.

Although scaffold towers are essentially made to increase safety when working in high places, they can be quite dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. It is the duty of user to ensure that thorough checks are done to ensure that it is safe to use. These 5 reasons should help you to decide whether you should or should not use scaffold tower.