Can you put a ladder on top of scaffolding

Putting a ladder on top of scaffolding is not recommended for safety reasons. As much as it is doable, it is advised against. If your scaffolding does not reach the height you need it to, you might be tempted to put a ladder on top to get whatever job you have done.

It is evident that the main reason that you might consider putting a ladder on top of scaffolding is to gain a height advantage. However, it is a health and safety standard to use scaffolding if;

residential scaffolding
  • Your project goes over a certain height, the most standards being 6 feet. Even then, you need to have the falling gear to guarantee safety.
  • If you’re working for a long time. Working on a ladder for more extended periods would be uncomfortable, considering you need to reach out to equipment now and then.
  • If your project is extensive, if you need more than one person at the top, it is advisable to work on scaffolding.

How do you put a ladder?

If you are doing a quick job, like changing an indoor light bulb, you could put a ladder on top of the scaffolding. It would be best if you had someone to hold the ladder and keep it steady and ensure that it is antislip.

If you feel the need to put a ladder over a scaffolding, you could consider buying a scaffolding extension kit to give you some extra height or hiring a taller scaffolding. An alternative option would also be to build scaffolding from a ladder.