Can you use scaffold boards as shelves

Scaffold boards can be used as shelves. These boards are an integral part when it comes to creating a safe and sturdy working platform for scaffolding structures. These boards are usually treated and tested to ensure that they comply with the BS24282:2009 standards. Although boards are available in lengths ranging from 1.8m to 3.9m, they have a standard dimension is 225mm in width and 38mm in thickness, making them perfect for shelves. Here are some features that make scaffold boards the best option for making shelves.

scaffolding erected using scaffold board.

4 Advantages of using scaffold boards as shelves

Scaffold boards are strong structural timber boards that have various features that make them suitable for making shelves. Here are some characteristics that make scaffold planks suitable for making shelves.

1. They have a reliable width and thickness

Scaffold planks have a 225mm width and this makes them a great option when it comes to making shelves. Because of their thickness, you can make sturdy shelves that can support different weights. However, their thickness also doesn’t make the planks too heavy to handle.

2. They have the ideal length

Scaffold boards have a length ranging from 1.8m to 3.9m. This makes the perfect length for shelves considering most have a length ranging between 0.5m to 1.5m.

3. Can be easily painted

Depending on the shelf design you want, you can easily paint the scaffold planks and apply the desired finish to match the overall space décor. This feature makes it possible to have shelves with great aesthetic value.

4. Scaffold planks are easy to design

Scaffold planks are made of wood hence, they’re easy to cut into different designs and shapes depending on the type of shelf you want. You can easily achieve your bespoke shelf design if you have the right tools and skillset. You can also join different scaffold boards to make floating shelves or mount them to the wall by glueing them or using steel bars.

The sturdiness, length, and width are some of the features that make scaffold boards ideal for making shelves. The planks can also be easily designed to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal.