Can you use scaffold boards for fencing

Scaffold boards are pretty versatile when it comes to their usage. Apart from functioning as working platforms on scaffolding structures, they can also be used for fencing. Even though there are other material options, using scaffold planks for fencing is growing in popularity in the UK. Here are some reasons you should consider scaffold boards when fencing your home.

brown fence with scaffolding in background

1. They’re easy to design

First and foremost, scaffold boards are often picked over other fencing materials due to their beautiful design. Their ability to be skimmed into different styles and patterns makes them an excellent choice for fencing an area. Check out these fencing ideas you can make.

2. Easy to install

Scaffold planks are easy to install; therefore, they are more often preferred over other designs. With a professional at hand, you can get the best fence design for your property from scaffold boards.

3. They’re cost-effective

Installing scaffold planks for fencing require less skilled labour. Therefore, the cost incurred will be less compared to other designs. They are also quite affordable, and you can choose between getting new scaffold boards or used ones.

4. They’re durable

Scaffold boards are highly prioritized over other modes of fencing because of their waterproof nature. This reduces wear and tear, thus increasing their durability.

5. They’re easy to paint on

You can easily paint on scaffold planks, depending on the design you want. You can do the painting yourself or hire a professional to help you out.

Using scaffold boards will impact your property’s aesthetics. However, how long your fence lasts will depend on whether you opted for used or new planks. Maintenance will also be a factor to consider. Even though the scaffold planks aren’t entirely effective in terms of security, they are still reliable for fencing.