Can you use scaffolding boards for decking

Yes, you can use scaffolding boards for decking. Scaffolding boards have become an alternative to decking wood when building your deck, especially if you want to cut costs. 

Typically, scaffolding boards are not built to last long because of the health and safety regulations in the UK. Hence, treat your scaffolding boards before using them on your deck.

There are several decking ideas you can make out of boards. Such as painting, creating steps and even adding a fire pit.

small lorry loaded with scaffold boards

Benefits of treating scaffolding boards

This protects them against harsh weather conditions such as rain, storms, sun, and wind that would cause your deck to rot quickly. Coating the deck with a finishing deck oil gives it a smooth finish making it look new and clean. 

Used scaffolding boards come in slightly chipped or scratched. It might not be an issue for some as it gives off the old rustic look. 

If that is not what you are going for, you can always reach out to scaffold companies or manufacturers for new boards. 

Advantages of using scaffolding boards as decking boards

Scaffolding boards are thicker

Scaffolding boards are made with the idea that they’ll be used in heavy construction works. This means that they’re thick enough to hold the materials and workers. 


They are also wider compared to decking boards.This is also because of the intention. Scaffold boards are meant to support heavy equipment. Their wideness has to match their thickness. 


Scaffold boards are a cheaper alternative to decking boards. Scaffolding companies often dispose of the boards after a certain period according to UK health and safety regulations. That alone makes them more affordable. 

Considering they’re wider than decking boards, it means fewer scaffolds go into a given space, making them a cost-effective alternative. If you settle on scaffolding boards for decking, treat them prior.