Can you use scaffolding on uneven grounds

It is possible to use scaffolding on the uneven ground even though it is not recommended. This is only the case when the scaffolding is properly erected and supported. When working with sloping or uneven ground, it is most advisable for the contractor to hire professionals to set up the scaffolding. There are several things that you should have in mind when dealing with the unstable ground:

Scaffolder climbing ladder

Erecting scaffolding on unstable ground

The first thing to ensure before setting up the scaffolding is that the ground you are working on won’t sink. Using wood under the legs, even if you are using base plates, is the best way to ensure the stability of the scaffold tower.

Castors and base plates are essential when working with an unstable ground as they ensure that the structure is strong enough to support the work you intend to do on it. Instead of applying masonry or wood to level the scaffolding, the adjustable base jack level will give far better results and make the stability of the scaffold structure much better.

When using scaffolding on sloping ground, always ensure you level the slope to make the work easier. This also ensures that the structure you are working on is much safer for you to use.

Scaffolding with adjustable components is the most advisable to use when working with uneven or sloping ground. Here are some tips when working with adjustable scaffolding.

Using scaffolding with adjustable components

When dealing with lumpy or bumpy ground, scaffolding with adjustable parts is the best to use. The adjustable legs of the tower make it much easier to level, regardless of the slope of the ground. Whether you are working on a slightly sloping area or very uneven ground, the adjustable legs make it very easy to properly level the scaffolding structure.

Using scaffolding on uneven ground is quite complicated and equally dangerous if the scaffolding is not set up properly. It is advised that you seek the services of a qualified professional when dealing with the uneven ground because of the high risk involved if the scaffolding is not set up correctly. In unfortunately events, if something goes bad you are also protected by insurance.

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