What is the cost of scaffolding for roof repairs

The cost of scaffolding for roof repairs is between £850 to £2,000 upward. Factors such as the size and type of house will determine the overall scaffolding cost for a temporary roof. For instance, terraced houses need scaffolding in the front and back making it cheaper, unlike detached and semi-detached houses.

Here’s all you need to know about scaffolding costs for roof repairs.

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Factors affecting that affect the costs

When repairing your roof, scaffolding is a crucial part of the project because it gives the builders safe and sturdy access. The cost of scaffolding will be affected by several factors that you need to consider for proper and accurate budgeting.

Length of the scaffold hire

How long you intend to use the scaffolding will significantly impact the overall cost. Most scaffold companies have a minimum hire duration of six to eight weeks, however, the nature of your project will determine the length of hire. You can agree with your scaffolder on a fixed rate or a weekly rate. The longer the duration the more you should expect to pay.

Type of property

Detached and semi-detached houses are typically larger than terraced houses so getting a temporary roof scaffolding for such properties tends to cost more than the latter. Unlike terraced houses where you can pay anywhere between £400 to £700 for scaffolding, you should expect to pay approximately £2,000 upward for detached or semi-detached.

Location of the property

Scaffolding costs vary significantly depending on your location. In London, the prices are significantly higher than in the neighbouring rural areas. Working with smaller independent scaffolders is more affordable than with big international companies. However, you need to be diligent when choosing who to work with to avoid working with scaffolders who aren’t qualified for the job.

The scaffold height

The other factor that affects the overall roof scaffolding cost is the height of the scaffold. A tall scaffold means more materials such as metal poles, planks, etc, will be needed thus resulting in a higher price.

Ease of access

If your property is located in a place where there’s no easy access, it will cost a significantly higher amount to erect scaffolding for roof repairs. If the scaffolder has to overcome hurdles to erect the scaffold, it will take a longer duration, ultimately increasing the final cost. It will cost a significantly higher amount if you have agreed on a daily rate.

Limited public access

If you’re to erect scaffolding in an area where there’s restricted access like a public footpath or road, it’s bound to cost you more. In such situations, you need to budget for planning permission from your local authority. Since acquiring planning permission can take a while, you should ensure that you contract a scaffolder once the approval has been granted instead of before to avoid paying extra.

scaffold on a roof with a loading bay

Additional scaffolding costs for roof repairs

Apart from the cost of hiring scaffolding, there are other costs you need to consider when budgeting for your project. The various costs include the following.

Labour costs

On average you should expect to pay between £700 to £800 for labour. The amount of work that needs to be done and the number of workers is crucial in determining how much you’ll pay. The more workers and the longer the project’s duration the more it will cost especially if you’re paying an hourly or daily rate.

Planning permission

The average cost for planning permission is between £10 to £50. Most scaffolding jobs require planning permission because they involve working at height and it helps ensure the Health and safety regulations are adhered to. You should ensure that you get approval before erecting the scaffold to avoid any additional costs.

Scaffolding price for roof repairs

Getting quotes from different scaffolding companies gives you an idea of what to budget for. The table below gives a brief summary of the costs you should expect to incur.

ItemAvg. cost
scaffolding for roof repairs£850 to £2,000 upward
labour£700 to £800
planning permission£10 to £50
detached & semi-detached properties£2,000 upward
terraced property£400 to £700

Let’s wrap it up. On average the cost of scaffolding for roof repairs is £850 per week. You also need to account for the fees for planning permission and labour time. By getting and comparing quotes from different scaffolding companies you can get an accurate price for your exact roof scaffolding job.