How long do scaffold boards take to dry

A scaffold board would be dry if stacked indoors, separated by noggins. If they have been stored outside, it would take at least 4 weeks preferably 6 weeks stored flat battered apart to air dry covered from the rain and damp, or either indoors and batted apart for at least 3 weeks, preferably 5.

stacked scaffold boards

How to dry scaffold boards

All boards are dried up to approximately 10% moisture content which is the ideal moisture level. Anything higher than that will need one to dry the boards before working with them. The boards are cut into different rough sizes and stacked properly. Keep checking on them periodically and when the surfaces dry up, then one can start planning to clean them. Either way, one could get battens between the boards and put them out in the sun. When it gets a bit warmer, bring it indoors before starting to work on them.

Treating scaffold boards for outdoors use

Scaffolding boards are designed to be used outside all year round. They can be painted and colour stained or waxed to match the existing wood finishes. Many scaffold boards are tanalized to protect them from moisture and rot. This treatment helps preserve wood,  preferably, one can use a cheaper wood treatment. This is a clear liquid you apply with a minimum of 2 coats with the top board having 3 coats. 

Are the scaffold boards you are using in a safe condition

The health and safety authority checks the detection rate of the scaffold boards used in construction sites to avoid increased rates of accidents. All boards should comply with the BS standard. The boards must be cleaned before storage and inspection to check for surface contamination e.g cement. If not cleaned and inspected properly then the boards should be destroyed.

Do scaffold boards shrink

When scaffold boards are exposed to moisture, they tend to shrink and warp during the drying process. Since most scaffold boards are used outside, it means they’re prone to exposure to moisture. Therefore, they should be stored in a heated room so that they can dry accordingly. The boards tend to absorb less moisture when exposed to the sun. However, it’s characteristic of scaffold boards to absorb moisture and shrink over time.

Can boards get wet

Yes, scaffold boards get wet when exposed to rain or water. This can cause the boards to be slippery, making them unsafe to use during construction. If the boards are distorted beyond the Health and safety standards limit, they should be discarded because they can no longer be used for scaffolding.

It’s advisable to store the scaffold boards in a dry space with proper air circulation to reduce prolonged exposure to wetness. You should avoid storing the boards closely together or leaving them exposed to the elements.

Any scaffolding equipment particularly if they have been in storage for a long time must not be used unless inspected by a competent person. It’s a legal requirement used for working at heights in construction that provides guidance and limits on the acceptability of defects in scaffold boards.