How much are scaffold boards

Buying new scaffold boards costs anywhere from £10 to £25 per board. This price range will vary depending on several factors such as the type, size, and the number of boards you purchase. The size of the scaffolding structure is another crucial factor you need to consider when making your purchase.

Stacked scaffold boards and planks

How much does it cost to hire scaffold boards

It costs £2 a week to hire a scaffold board. They are 10 feet long 225mm wide and 38mm thick.
Hiring scaffold boards is a cost-effective solution especially if you’re having a short-term project.

Rent scaffold Board for £2 p/week

Depending on your location, you also need to factor in any transportation costs although some companies offer free delivery for any purchase made.

Should you buy or hire scaffold boards

The type of project you’re working on determines whether you should buy or hire scaffold boards. If you’re having a small project that’s bound to take a short duration, it’s advisable to hire scaffold boards. There are several companies that rent out scaffold boards at an affordable rate.

If the project will take a long duration before completion, it is economical to buy the boards. Apart from saving you a significant amount, you can also resell or upcycle the boards when the project is done. This will help you recover some of the money factoring in any wear and tear on the boards.

Factors affecting scaffold board prices

There are several factors that affect scaffold board prices whether you’re planning to buy or hire. They include the following:

  • nature of the project
  • type of scaffold boards
  • size of scaffold board
  • size of the scaffolding structure

Whether you’re having a simple renovation project or a complex construction project, your contractor should be able to advise you accordingly. Either way, you should ensure that the scaffolding structure is erected by a competent person.

Scaffolding boards can be used for other purposes like decking or making furniture. Knowing it costs between £10 to £25 to buy and £2 to rent a scaffold board, makes it easier to plan your project.