How to paint a stairwell without scaffolding

Painting a staircase without scaffolding is a dangerous task because it involves working at a height. With safety being paramount, there are other safe scaffolding alternatives that you can use to get the job done effectively. Here’s how to paint a stairwell without scaffolding.

1. Using a combination ladder

If you want to paint your stairwell, an extension ladder will give you easy access because it can easily be adjusted depending on how far you want to reach. You should ensure the ladder is properly secured and anchored on a stable surface to avoid any movement while you’re on it. Something else that makes it a perfect solution is the fact that it’s portable and you can move it around if you want to work on different sections.

2. Using an extension pole

Painting wall in blue colour using extension pole

With an extension pole, you can easily paint your stairwell from the ground. All you have to do is attach your paint roller to the extension pole and you can easily reach different heights of the stairway. To clearly cut out your corners and edges, you can attach a short-line edger on your extension pole before replacing it with a paint roller.

3. Create a platform

Another way you can paint your stairs is by creating a platform that’s specifically designed to gain higher reach, such as for painting jobs. You can create work platforms in different sizes and heights. It can be easy to assemble and dismantle, making them a convenient solution. Although you might need some DIY skills and necessary skills to create the platform. You can use materials like Pivot ( in the picture ), and plywood to make your own platform. You should ensure that it’s sturdy enough to support your weight to avoid any accidents.

4. Using a ladder aid

A ladder aid ensures the stability of your ladder when painting the stairway. The ladder aid is placed at the bottom of the stairwell and once you have ensured that it is stable, you attach the ladder to it and ensure it’s securely fastened to prevent any wobbling or movement as you paint. Once you’re done painting one section, you repeat the same process of setting up the ladder aid and ladder so you can easily access the remaining parts of the staircase. Considering there are different types of ladder aids you can choose from, you should select one that you can safely attach to your ladder. You can either buy or rent one at an affordable rate.

5. Using a stairway access tower

stairwell scaffold tower

Stairwell scaffolds are not the traditional scaffolding you see everywhere. It can be easily assembled on stairs. It gives you a good working platform to place your paint bucket, poles and brushes. If saving money is the reason why you would be interested in painting a stairway without scaffolding, then it shouldn’t be. You can rent them for £76 a week. The scaffolding for stairs is easy to assemble and can be moved around if you want to access different parts of your staircase. Their height can also be adjusted depending on the height you want to reach. This versatility makes it the perfect solution for different tasks, such as painting the stairwell.