How to do roof repairs without scaffolding

Whether it’s a big or small project, working on a roof without scaffolding is pretty risky, however, there are other safe alternatives you can choose. When choosing the perfect solution, you need to consider the height and type of roofing you have. Even though there isn’t a stipulation that says it is legal to work on a roof without scaffolding according to the law, you should organise and plan your roof work to ensure it is done safely. Here’s how to do roof repairs without scaffolding.

1. Using a roof ladder

Specifically designed for use on roofs, a roof ladder is a safe alternative that you can use when doing roof repairs. It’s perfect for use on pitched roofs because it has a ridge hook for more stability. It also provides a sturdy working platform when doing simple roof repairs like tile replacement, chimney repair or gutter cleaning.

2. A mobile tower

aluminium mobile scaffold tower on caster wheels

A mobile tower gives you a stable and safe working platform, and it can also be moved around to access different sections when doing roof repairs. It’s also easy to assemble and dismantle, making it a convenient solution, especially if you have a small project.

3. A ladder

Ladder leaning against damaged roof made out of shingles

Another alternative for roof repairs is using a ladder. You can move the ladder to access different parts of the roof that need to be repaired. It’s a perfect solution if there are small repairs because it would be impossible to use a ladder for large repair work. An extension ladder would especially be perfect because it can be extended to whatever height.

4. Mobile access equipment

Mobile access equipment such as cherry pickers gives you easy and safe access to different parts of the roof. It’s especially a good solution if it’s a large repair job where using a ladder isn’t a viable solution. Considering the fact that they’re mobile, you can easily access where you want to work on. You should ensure the equipment is operated by a well-trained person to avoid any accidents.

5. Roof access hatch

A roof access hatch is another safe alternative to scaffolding you can use during repairs. It provides convenient, permanent, safe access to the roof area through a service stair or interior ladder. However, this method is only limited to properties that have a roof access hatch, otherwise, you’ll have to opt for a different solution. With the access hatch, you can easily get the materials you need onto and off the roof.

6. Harness and anchor system

Scaffolder wearing a harness

With this system, you’ll be able to access different parts of the roof while also averting any dangerous falls. It’s advisable to have a sturdy anchor point to securely fasten the harness and anchor system. It is a perfect and safe solution for minor work at heights such as roof repairs.

These are ways how to get on a roof without scaffolding safely. The method you choose will vary depending on factors such as the type of repair being done, the type of roof, and the height that needs to be reached among others. Every work at height should be done by a qualified person, therefore if you aren’t skilled for the job it’s advisable to find a trained expert to help you out.