7 Scaffold board desk ideas

Scaffold boards are perfect for making desks because of how versatile and sturdy they are. Whether it’s a commercial or a home office, getting a comfortable desk is crucial. The amount of space you have, your sense of style, and your preference are among the factors that will determine the most suitable design. Here are different desk ideas that you can consider.

1. Minimalistic office desk

Desk from a board

Best suited for compact spaces, you can make a minimalistic desk using reclaimed scaffold boards. You can opt to have a few drawers for storage or leave it as is. Depending on the type of aesthetic you want to achieve, you can paint or apply a finish of your liking to the tabletop.

2. Vanity desk

If you’re looking for a neat way to organise your stuff, you can make a multipurpose vanity desk from new or used scaffold planks. You can have a mirror at the centre of the table top which you can shut when you want to transform the vanity desk into a writing desk.

3. L-shaped desk

Another design idea you can consider for your space is the L-shaped desk. You can put drawers on one side for extra storage space and leave one side to allow for adequate legroom. With scaffold planks, you can achieve a beautiful rustic design.

4. Desk with metal legs

For an industrial look, you can make a desk using scaffold plans where the board is used for the top and metal legs. You can leave the board in its natural state for a rustic industrial look or paint over it to reflect your style and overall decor theme. You can add a few items to give it some character.

5. 3-Drawer desk

A three-drawer desk guarantees you ample storage space. You can make the top of the desk using scaffold boards and paint it white to make your space look bright. For a mid-century look, you can decide to include tapered splayed legs. This design will also ensure that you have adequate legroom.

6. Table-style desk

Square brown board table

Another design you can consider is a table-style desk. You can consider customising the table so that the size can suit the amount of space you have. If you’re into a vintage theme, you can sand it and apply a finish of your choice.

7. Bench-style rustic desk

Distressed wood gives an outstanding rustic appeal. Used scaffold boards are the best if you’re looking to achieve such an effect. You can create a bench-style rustic desk using the planks and include additional storage space. The desk offers functionality and style because it can also be used as a standing desk.