7 Scaffold boards kitchen ideas

There are many things you can make from scaffold boards depending n the type of space you’re working on. Apart from being used to provide a sturdy working platform, making raised beds, fences, decking, and flooring, you can also use it to implement certain kitchen ideas. Here are the different scaffold board kitchen design ideas to consider.

1. Kitchen Island

The kitchen is among the most used spaces in most homes. Adding a kitchen island adds functionality and more space to the room. Depending on the type of finish and design you choose, the island also adds a touch of style to your kitchen. Scaffold boards are sturdy and durable, making them the perfect material.

2. Storage shelves

Using scaffold planks to make shelves in your kitchen is a cost-effective way to acquire additional storage space. You can choose open shelves or add doors to make your kitchen look more organised. You can paint the shelves to match the existing decor or leave it as is if you’re looking to achieve a vintage look.

3. Wooden worktops

The other design you can actualise is making wooden worktops using scaffold planks. Considering how solid wood is, this option will save you a significant amount. Apart from being a cost-effective solution, scaffold boards can be cleaned with ease.

Since your food and drinks will be in contact with the surface, it’s advisable to avoid using treated scaffold boards because the chemicals used in the process can cause contamination. If they’ll be in frequent contact with water, you can waterproof the planks ta avoid any damage.

4. Floating shelves

floating shelve
floating shelve

If you have limited space, you can opt for floating shelves made from scaffold boards. You can use these shelves to store spices, cutlery or some decorative items such as house plants. They’re the perfect way to display your pantry supplies and kitchen decor. For an industrial look, you can use metal brackets to support the shelves especially if they’re meant to support heavy weight or you can also drill them directly to the wall.

5. Kitchen table

With a kitchen table, you’ll be able to get more seating space or you and your loved ones. There are different table designs you can choose from such as the bench-style table for a rustic feel or an industrial table.

You can place a fruit bowl or flower vase to act as the centrepiece of the table. You can still use scaffold planks to make a bench for adequate seating. Depending on the finished look you’re looking to achieve, you can sand the table then apply any varnish or paint of your choice.

6. Bar stools

If you have a breakfast bar area in your kitchen, you can use scaffold boards to make barstools. These will provide adequate seating space especially if someone doesn’t feel like seating at the dining area. You can use the boards to make a seat pan and metal legs for industrial-style furniture or you can blend the board with different wood types.

7. Kitchen units

Using scaffold planks to make kitchen units provides you a cost-effective alternative to acquire plenty of storage. The boards can be painted to whatever colour depending on the overall decor theme of your space. If you’re looking to achieve a vintage appeal, you can use distressed boards.