What can you use instead of scaffolding

Some safe alternatives to scaffolding include ladders, access towers, access platforms, and boom lifts. Scaffolding is the most common and preferred solution when working at heights for extended periods. Scaffold towers offer a lot of safety for construction workers and materials since the platforms allow for free movement when on the tower. But what to do when you can’t access scaffolding?

Scaffolding however takes up a lot of space and time and is not always the most convenient means to use. Here are the alternatives that you can use where scaffolding is not applicable:

1. Ladders

3 tread fibreglass step ladder

A ladder is the most common alternative to a scaffold tower that you can use. Ladders offer an easy way to access high-up areas without much struggle. Ladders are pretty easily accessible, and most people have ladders at home.

If you are looking to reach even further higher up by using a ladder, then you should consider using adjustable ladders. The adjustable ladder’s height can be extended. A common disadvantage of ladders is that they cannot be used for extended periods. You will quickly get tired. A ladder is also an affordable way to paint outside the house without using a scaffold.

SizeRent per week
6 Tread Platform Step Ladder£16
8 Tread Platform Step Ladder£18
12 Tread Swingback Step Ladder£20

Okay, you don’t want to buy ladders, rent them. If neither renting is an option so then what can you use instead of a ladder?

2. Access towers

2 storey Access tower

An access tower has the same capabilities and appearance as regular scaffolding. Access towers are however not as large as traditional scaffolding and can also not be custom-built. The major difference is the fact that access towers do not require the scaffolder to be present for installation and it is more of a DIY type project.

The towers come in different sizes that allow the user a wide range to choose from when selecting the size of access tower to use.

Rent tower for £38 p/week

3. Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is a type of mechanical equipment used to lift people or materials to heights that are difficult to access. It consists of a platform or basket at the end of a hydraulic boom, which can be extended and raised to reach high areas. Cherry pickers are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and rescue operations, as they provide a safe and efficient way to access hard-to-reach locations. The downside is that it isn’t independent as Boom lifts.

Cherry PickerPrice
Electric / Petrol 12M T£150.00 p/day or £300 p/week
Electric / Diesel 17M£225 p/day or £450 p/week
Electric 12.3 Metre£340.00 p/week

4. Boom lifts

boom lift in a construction site

Also known as powered access booms, these machines can be used both indoors and outdoors. Unlike cherry pickers, boom lifts are able to move around whiles you are on the platform.

5. Scissor lifts

Scissor lift

The wheeled base units on scissor lifts make them very easy to move around when you are working with them. They offer a perfect solution for projects which require you to move repeatedly. Scissor lifts are popular for their ease of adjustability, stability, and safety.

6. Access platform

access platform ladder

Access platforms also known as painters’ scaffolds are another cheaper alternative to scaffolding that is similar to access towers. The platform is rectangular and can be extended, making access towers particularly better suited to reaching higher heights.

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7. Trestle

A trestle scaffold is a type of portable scaffold that is supported by trestles, or vertical frames, and is used to provide access to high areas for maintenance, repair, or construction purposes. Trestle scaffolds are typically made of metal and can be adjusted to different heights to suit the needs of the job. They are commonly used in residential indoors and outdoors. They are relatively easy to assemble and disassemble. Trestle scaffolds are a convenient and cost-effective solution for providing safe access to high areas, and they can be used in a variety of applications, including painting, window cleaning, and building maintenance.

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With proper knowledge of the alternatives that you have to scaffold towers, you can now have an easier time in hiring access equipment. Hiring the proper access equipment will save you both money and time in your projects. You should always go for that access option that will bring you the most convenience in your work.