Is it illegal to climb scaffolding

It’s illegal for unauthorised persons to climb scaffolding. Only qualified and authorised people are allowed to climb scaffolding. The necessary measures should be put in place to prevent any unauthorised access to scaffolding. It’s easy for children, vandals, and other passersby to feel tempted to climb scaffolding if it’s left unattended. This can lead to hazardous accidents that can be avoided.

Larger scaffolding structure

Is it illegal for the homeowner to climb scaffolding

Unless it’s a DIY project, it’s illegal for a homeowner to climb scaffolding if they’re unauthorised. Scaffold workers, contractors, and builders are among the authorised personnel that should be atop scaffolding. However, it’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the scaffold is erected by a competent person and that it adheres to the Health and Safety and Work at Height requirements.

How to prevent unauthorised access to scaffolding

From the project owners, and builders, to the contractors, anyone involved with the project should ensure that the scaffolding is put up in accordance with the Health and Safety requirements. The nature and location of the project are some of the things that will determine preventative measures to be taken. Some of the measures that can be implemented to curb unauthorised access to scaffolding and adventures who want to learn how to climb up scaffolding include the following:

  • Perimeter fencing on the site
  • Fencing vulnerable areas on the scaffold
  • Ladder removal from the lower lift
  • Installing ladder guards

Perimeter fencing on the site will be effective in preventing children from accessing the scaffold structure, however, the same can’t be said for vandals and determined adventurers. When using ladder guards, it’s advisable to ensure that the ladder guard isn’t too narrow for the ladder such that a child can easily access it.

After conducting a thorough site assessment, other effective measures include having an Alarm, CCTV surveillance, employing security personnel within the site, or opting for visiting patrol. Even though this measure might be irrelevant when it comes to children or people who can’t read, it’s necessary to have the right signage warning people of unauthorised access to the scaffolding.