6 Scaffold board bar ideas

There is so much you can do with scaffold boards. Whether you want to build a structure or use the material for exterior or interior decor purposes, the uses are countless. But how do you incorporate scaffold planks into your bar decor ideas? Here are different scaffold board bar ideas that you can consider exploring.

1. A wooden bar top

We all strive to achieve something unique when it comes to curating our spaces. When choosing the right bar top for your space, using reclaimed scaffold boards is something that you can consider doing. The boards are affordable and they’re also perfect if you are looking to achieve a country-style and rustic feel. With the right finish and maintenance, you can enjoy the scaffold plank bar top for years to come.

2. Plank shelves

Do you need additional storage for your bar supplies that also add to the aesthetic appeal of your space? Using scaffold planks to create shelves is the solution you need. From wooden display racks, and industrial shelves to floating shelves, there’s so much you can achieve with scaffold planks. Depending on the finish you choose and your decor theme, you can easily achieve a uniquely attractive space.

3. Bar furniture

From bar stools and chairs to tables, using scaffold boards to make your bar furniture is one way to achieve a rustic look for your space. You can make bar stools using some metal or steel bars and scaffold planks for an industrial feel. Making various furniture using boards will help you achieve a consistent look.

4. Making a feature wall

If you have an open plan set up for your bar, you can use scaffold planks to create a stylish accent wall. Depending on the decor, you can paint the boards or apply a fitting finish. There’s also the option of using the planks for wall cladding. This is a brilliant idea if you’re looking to achieve a rustic farm-style look for your bar.

5. Bar flooring

Another way to incorporate scaffold boards into your bar design is by using them for flooring purposes. Reclaimed scaffold boards are textured and this is perfect for preventing any slippery surface. It also adds a beautiful rustic feel to the overall decor. With the right finish, you’ll have long-lasting and appealing flooring.

6. Bar decor backdrop

The versatility of scaffold boards is unlimited. You can use the planks as a backdrop for your bar decor display; this can range anywhere from frames, and small plants, to collectables. You can paint the planks for some contrast.

From using planks to make accent walls, furniture and flooring, these design ideas give you creative insight on how to best incorporate scaffolding boards into your bar design. We can’t overlook how using reclaimed boards is an affordable solution, and you also don’t get to compromise on aesthetics.