8 Scaffold board furniture ideas

Scaffold boards are unbeatable when it comes to versatility. One of the many things they can be used to make is furniture. Whether you’re thinking of indoor or outdoor furniture, you can make different designs from scaffold planks. Here are different scaffold board furniture ideas that you can explore.

1. Coffee table to chat with your friend

table made out of treated scaffold board

Scaffold boards are sturdy and durable since they are needed to provide a stable working surface. This feature makes them ideal for making different types of tables. Depending on the design you want, you can use the boards to make a coffee table. You can also paint the coffee table and apply a finish that matches the rest of your furniture.

2. Console table

Adding a console table to your space gives it a modern look and it’s also an ideal way for your space to look less empty and create additional storage. With scaffold boards, you can make different sizes of console tables with different thicknesses.

3. Store your books in a bookshelf

Books stacked in a white inbuilt bookshelf

You can make a sturdy bookshelf depending on the design you want. When using boards to make indoor furniture, it’s advisable to let them acclimatise to reduce the chances of warping and changing their form. You can avoid painting if you want to achieve a rustic design.

4. Enrich your patio with furniture

Scaffold planks are ideal for use outdoors and in your garden, making them ideal for making patio furniture. Whether you want a patio sofa or table, boards can be the best material for this. You can also make a table for your patio. You can also paint the furniture depending on the type of aesthetic you’re looking to achieve.

5. Office desk to work on

When it comes to office furniture, comfort and functionality are paramount. You can use scaffold planks to make a sturdy and comfortable office desk. There are many designs to choose from when creating a suitable workstation. You can paint the office desk or add a finish or stain of your liking to achieve a modern look for your space.

6. Wardrobe for your clothes

If you’re looking to have additional storage in your bedroom, a wardrobe is a perfect solution. You can use boards to make whatever design you want. The boards are easy to work with and can be painted or waxed to match the rest of the decor.

7. Bed to wind down

Another type of furniture that can be made from scaffolding planks is a bed. Considering how sturdy these boards are, you’re bound to get a strong bed. You can opt for different designs or sizes depending on the amount of space you’re working with.

8. Dining table

Brown table made from scaffold board.

For a nice spot to bond with your loved ones, you can use scaffold boards to make a dining table and benches. A bench-style dining table gives your space a unique rustic look that stands out. For adequate seating space, you can make two benches to put on both sides.