Scaffolding Costs For Detached House

The scaffolding cost for a detached house is £900 per week. Most pay this to do repair works or to replace the guttering on a semi or detached homes. The price is higher for detached houses because scaffolding is done around the property’s perimeter.

Detached house

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Factors affecting scaffolding costs for detached houses

Unlike semi-detached, detached houses need scaffolding around the perimeter, making them a costly option. Here are the different factors you need to consider when coming up with an accurate budget estimate for your project.

Property size

The size of the home ultimately determines how much the project will cost. You also need to consider how many stories you’re dealing with. If more than one work level is required, it’ll ultimately cost more because you’ll need more components for the scaffold.


Location is another factor that significantly affects the overall scaffolding cost. London is usually more costly than the neighbouring areas. However, working with small independent scaffolding companies instead of big companies will save you a significant amount.

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Height of the scaffold

The height of the scaffolding is crucial in determining the final cost. This is determined by the number of stories and areas that are being worked on. A tall scaffold means more components will be needed thus contributing to the increased cost.

Easy access

If there’s no easy access, it means it will take a longer duration to set up the scaffolding thus costing you more. You should also consider whether your property is located in an area with restricted public access. If so, you’ll need to ensure that you apply for planning permission from your local authorities.

You’ll have to budget an extra amount for the planning approval. If you’re working with a semi-detached house, it means you’re sharing a wall with your neighbours. Therefore, you’ll need to request approval from your neighbours too before erecting the scaffolding because it will interfere with the boundary separating the two properties.

Multiple detached houses in a row covered with scaffolding
detached houses in a row

Scaffolding price list for a detached house

The type of work you’re doing will determine whether you need scaffolding on one side of the property or around the perimeter of the house. For semi-detached homes, you can only have scaffolding erected on three sides of the structure since one of the sides is shared with your neighbour. The project you have going on will determine how much scaffolding is needed and the overall cost you’ll incur. I.e. a gutter repair will cost you the least. Here are the different scaffolding costs you’ll incur.

Scaffold descriptionPrice per day/week
Detached house£900 to £ 1,100
Semi-detached home£650 to £ 1,100
Gutter repair£250
10m scaffold£500 to £ 700
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How long to put scaffolding up

It takes between two hours to two days to put up scaffolding for a detached house. The size of the house and the scaffolding to be erected will determine how long it will take. The cost of scaffold for loft conversion will cost you more and for a small chimney repair job will cost you less. Erecting scaffolding for some chimneys will take a shorter duration since less materials will be needed and doesn’t require to be erect from the ground level.

For a semi-detached house, it takes between two to 46 hours to put up scaffolding. A semi-detached house will take a shorter duration because only three sides of the property, unlike a detached house where scaffolding needs to be erected around the perimeter.

On the average the scaffolding cost is £900 per week to erect around your detached property. The price varies for each project because of the different factors that affect the final cost. Such as do you need a roof scaffolding. Either way, it’s advisable to consult different scaffold companies for an accurate estimate. That will help you budget accordingly.