7 ideas you can make out of scaffold boards

The are many impressive design ideas you can implement with scaffold boards. Whether you’re using new or reclaimed scaffold boards, you can incorporate them in either the interior or exterior of your space. From flooring and cladding to making furniture, here are different unique scaffold board design ideas.

Scaffold boards are not just for construction sites and scaffolding anymore, they have become a popular choice for DIY projects and home renovations. These sturdy boards are made of durable wood, often pine or spruce, and can be used in a variety of ways to add a rustic and industrial touch to your home. Here are some popular ideas you can do with scaffold boards. If you’re looking for a unique and budget-friendly way to update your home, scaffold boards are definitely worth considering.

1. Furniture

square table made from scaffold boards

Whether you want outdoor patio furniture, a bed, a dining table, or some farm-style shelving in your kitchen, scaffold boards offer a pretty versatile solution. If you want a rustic look, you can leave the boards without painting them. However, you also have the option of applying the type of finish you want so as to match the rest of your decor. When making outdoor furniture, you can either opt for treated planks or use a water-resistant sealant to preserve the boards from any rot or damage from moisture.

2. Flooring

Wide plank flooring gives your space a gorgeous rustic look. If you want a farm-style aesthetic, you can leave the boards in their original colour or paint them to match the decor theme. They can be used for cabin flooring, decking or even patio flooring. If you want the boards to last longer, you can use water-resistant sealant or opt for treated boards because they are more resistant to damage from moisture and insects.

Using scaffold boards for flooring is a great idea for a number of reasons. First and foremost, scaffold boards are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear. They are also cost-effective, making them a great option for those on a budget. Additionally, they have a unique, rustic aesthetic that can add character and charm to any room. They also have a natural patina and variations in the wood grain that can create a warm and inviting ambience. Scaffold boards are also relatively easy to install and can be sealed and finished to protect them from moisture and other elements. Overall, using scaffold boards for flooring is a great way to add a unique and durable touch to your home while staying within your budget.

3. Kitchen countertop

Treated board

The versatility and functionality go hand in hand for scaffold boards. They are an ideal and cost-effective material to be used for making kitchen countertops. They’re especially handy if you’re looking to achieve a beautiful rusty look. With the right finish, you can easily get it to match your decor theme.

4. Decking

Scaffold planks are an affordable alternative to traditional wood or composite boards. You can also opt to use either new or reclaimed boards for your decking. Depending on the size of your garden, you can build the decking in any design shape or size. Use the boards to add steps to your decking if it’s something that can be incorporated into the design. There are many decking design ideas you can bring to life. Choose whether you want to paint them or remain with the rustic look.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your exterior, decking is one of the viable solutions you can go for.

5. Pergola

The other thing you can make using scaffold boards is pergolas. Pergolas are a unique way to upgrade your outdoor space. You get to have a gorgeous outdoor living space without breaking the bank. You can also make a bench from the scaffolding boards to add to your pergola. Pergolas are also ideal if you have any climbing vines in your garden.

6. Raised beds

3 raised beds in a garden

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, you can make raised beds from scaffolding boards. You can plant anything ranging from flowers to vegetables depending on what you want to have in your garden.

Whether you choose old or new scaffold boards, you can always paint the boards to achieve the aesthetic you want for your outdoor space. Since the boards will be exposed to water frequently, you can treat them so that they can last longer and prevent any rot.

7. Fence

Fence in autumn scenery, yellow leaf falling.

From the short picket fence, and horizontal and vertical slat wood fence to the rail design, there are many fencing designs you can achieve using reclaimed and new scaffold boards. Considering the boards will be exposed to various harsh elements outside, it’s advisable to use treated boards . You can also stain or paint them before applying a water-resistant sealant that will protect them from any moisture damage.

So consider opting for a non-traditional fence. The boards can be treated, so they withstand the harsh weather by being outside 24/7. The scaffold board fence will give a new unique look to your garden.

8. Wall cladding

For an interesting and outstanding texture and dimension in your space, you can use scaffolding for wall cladding. You can paint the boards or apply a suitable finish to suit the aesthetic you want to achieve for your exterior. Scaffold boards are pretty cost-effective and durable, making them an ideal option for cladding.

9. Making staircase treads

Another way you can utilise scaffold boards in your design is by using them to make stair treads. You can use metal railings to achieve an industrial look or paint them to match the rest of the decor. There’s also the option of leaving the boards in their natural colour and applying a suitable finish if you want to go for a farm-style rustic aesthetic. Scaffold planks are pretty sturdy and durable making them the ideal material to be used on staircase treads where there’s likely a lot of traffic.

From wide plank flooring to wall cladding, there are many design ideas you can implement using scaffold boards. Whether you’re using reclaimed or new boards, planks are a preferred option because they are quite affordable and durable too. You should also note that the type of maintenance also determines how long the boards last.