7 ideas you can make out of scaffold boards

Apart from being used to provide a sturdy working platform when working at height, scaffold boards are also used in making other things like furniture, raised beds, and garden fences. The boards are sturdy and an affordable solution for many. Here’s a look into 7 unique ideas you can make from scaffold boards.

1. Furniture

square table made from scaffold boards

From beds, office desks, shelves, coffee tables, and benches to cupboards, scaffold boards can be used to make a wide range of furniture. You can get as creative as you want to with scaffolding boards.

Depending on the type of furniture you want to make, you can opt for either used or new scaffold boards. Either way, using scaffold boards is a cost-effective solution to spruce up your space.

2. Flooring

It’s fair to say that there’s no limit to what you can achieve using scaffold boards. They are an affordable alternative compared to wooden floorboards when looking for reliable flooring solutions. The scaffold boards can also be easily treated, sanded, and varnished to match your aesthetic depending on the design you want to achieve.

3. Kitchen countertop

Treated board

The versatility and functionality go hand in hand for scaffold boards. They are an ideal and cost-effective material to be used for making kitchen countertops. They’re especially handy if you’re looking to achieve a beautiful rusty look. With the right finish, you can easily get it to match your decor theme.

4. Decking

If you’re looking to upgrade your exterior, decking is one of the viable solutions you can opt for. There’s the option of using either reclaimed or new scaffold boards for decking.

Depending on the type of aesthetic you’re trying to achieve in your garden you can have either a raised deck with steps or opt for a unique shape. Whatever design you choose, using scaffold boards will save you a significant amount. For inspiration, these decking ideas will get you started.

5. Pergola

large pergola covered with roses

The other thing you can make using scaffold boards is pergolas. Pergolas are a unique way to upgrade your outdoor space. You get to have a gorgeous outdoor living space without breaking the bank. You can also make a bench from the scaffolding boards to add to your pergola. Pergolas are also ideal if you have any climbing vines in your garden.

6. Raised beds

3 raised beds in a garden

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, you can make raised beds from scaffolding boards. You can plant anything ranging from flowers to vegetables depending on what you want to have in your garden.

Whether you choose old or new scaffold boards, you can always paint the boards to achieve the aesthetic you want for your outdoor space. Since the boards will be exposed to water frequently, you can treat them so that they can last longer and prevent any rot.

7. Fence

Fence in autumn scenery, yellow leaf falling.

Opt for a non-traditional fence. Board can be treated so it can withstand harsh weather by being outside 24/7. The scaffold board fence will give a new unique look to your garden.